Christmas Bash and Benefit

Dec 14, 2019
5:30 pm
Sons of Italy Roslindale
United States


Even before we had a church, we had a Christmas party! This year will be no different. This is no ordinary Christmas party--it's a bash and BENEFIT. We want to use the opportunity as we celebrate to bless others. 

Specifically, we'll be raising awareness and financial support for Mision de Caridad, an organization co-founded by our very own Jean Sicurella. 

More information:

We'll have a pot-luck style dinner along with some festive games and Christmas carols, and fun activities for kids of all ages! We'll also hear a presentation from the Co-Founder of Misión de Caridad, an organization that provides humanitarian assistance for migrants stranded on the Mexico side of the US border.

While we celebrate, we want to care for those who are in need, especially during this season. Tens of thousands of people will be stranded on our southern border this Christmas. Mision de Caridad is working to provide them with much needed aid. 

More information on Misión de Caridad

THEIR GOAL: To protect the lives and dignity those that are most vulnerable, such as women and children, that are stranded by the US border in the cities of San Luis Rio Colorado and Mexicali. We want to provide housing, resources, and overall: humanitarian relief. This will be done by building a facility that will help individuals get legal status in Mexico and help them build a stable life with through our educational programs.

THE PROBLEM: More than 58,000 people are waiting at all border crossings. To make matters more complicated, the United States has declared that the maximum number of refugees it will accept is 18,000 for the fiscal year 2020. Refugees that were not granted asylum will be forced to return home to violence, corruption, and instability. This is where we come in, and how we hope to help.