Presence: Here with God in an Age of Distraction | 6 of 10

Presence: The Church is Family

Andy Ober
Oct 27, 2019
Series Description

We live in an age of distraction where it is hard to be present, even with ourseleves. God is with us all the time, yet we are so often distracted and so have trouble being aware of God's life-giving presence. This series, we'll explore what it means that God is present with us. Each week, we'll look at a different spiritual practies that will help us to become more aware of God's presence with us. 

Sermon Description: 

The word "family" brings up mixed feelings. For some of us, it's nice memories of warmth and acceptance; for others, it evokes pain or ambivalence, and for many of us both.This week, we'll look at how God is present in the new family he has invited us into--God's family, the church. Also, we'll enjoy worship, fellowship and fun. See you Sunday!